Institute of Noetic Sciences eLearning


Future of Meditation Research (FOMR)

For new and existing meditation researchers, FOMR shares theories and hypotheses, measures and protocols, and suggestions for potentially fruitful areas for expanding the science of meditation.

$149.00 / year

Conscious Aging Facilitator Training Program & Support Zone

Become a facilitator -- offer Conscious Aging workshops in your community!


Noetic Global Gatherings

Online gatherings featuring presentations on cutting-edge noetic research and transformative learning from our scientists, educators, and partners.


Mindful Motherhood for Pregnant Women and New Mothers

A research-based program that provides introductory mindfulness training for pregnant women and new mothers. It is directed toward reducing stress, improving mood, and enhancing the connection between moms and their infants. 2-year subscription.


Mindful Motherhood for Facilitators

For professionals who would like to facilitate Mindful Motherhood Groups or integrate components of the Mindful Motherhood Training into their work. 2-year subscription.


Consciousness for the Next Generation

Webinar presentations from top researchers and leaders within the field of consciousness research, education, and application. Available free to all students of consciousness!


Community Group Leader Training

A free course to learn more about how you can host an IONS Community Group in your area or online!