Moving spirituality off the mountain top and into your daily step at a time.

Living Deeply: Practices from the World's Transformative Traditions is a an online program containing nine experiential practices guided by master teachers of transformative traditions.

These unique and compelling videos reveal perennial wisdom across religions and cultures that can help you to live more fully and deeply. They offer a glimpse into spiritual practices that you might not otherwise encounter, and include Catholicism, Religious Science, Buddhism, Himalayan Yoga, Cross-Cultural Shamanism, Sufism, Expressive Arts, Kabbalism, and African Yoruban Spirituality.

Useful as a tool for your own personal transformation, as well as an educational tool to share with others, these practices are companions to the book Living Deeply: The Art and Science of Transformation in Everyday Life.

These videos were originally published in DVD format.

Transforming your consciousness may be the most important thing you can do for yourself and the world.

Practices included:

Practice 1: Loving Kindness Meditation with Sylvia Boorstein, PhD

Practice 2: Tefillin with Rabbi Jonathan Omer-Man

Practice 3: Dhikr with Shaykh Yassir Chadly

Practice 4: The Way of the Cross with Father Francis Tiso, PhD

Practice 5: Deep Relaxation Meditation with Swami Veda Bharati

Practice 6: Life / Art Process with Anna Halprin

Practice 7: Great Questions, Great Actions with Angeles Arrien, PhD

Practice 8. Inner Visioning with Reverend Andriette Earl

Practice 9: Ritual of Omi Tutu (African Cleansing Ritual) with Luisah Teish