From hormones to stretch marks, labor pains to diaper changes, motherhood is an adventure like no other. 

The rapid changes in your body, your lifestyle, and your very identity call for a certain mental agility. Mindfulness can help you meet the challenge and approach each day with your new baby with open eyes and an open heart. 

Mindful Motherhood is a research-based program that teaches you how mindfulness practices can be integrated into your everyday life during pregnancy and early motherhood for staying balanced, healthy, and connected with your baby, even in difficult moments.

This online course provides introductory mindfulness training for pregnant women and new mothers. It is directed toward reducing stress, improving mood, and enhancing the connection between moms and their infants.

The eight, self-paced sessions include:

  • eight video lectures
  • five downloadable audio-guided mindfulness practices
  • questions for reflection
  • homework assignments
  • downloadable pdf readings
  • links to numerous multimedia resources for further exploration. 

The book Mindful Motherhood: Practical Tools for Staying Sane During Your Pregnancy and Your Child's First Year is required reading for this course and must be obtained separately. 

You can purchase it in paperback or Kindle format from Amazon or request it from your local library.


Cassandra Vieten

Cassandra Vieten

Cassandra Vieten, PhD, is the President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) and a scientist at the Mind-Body Medicine Research Group at California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute. Dr. Vieten, a licensed clinical psychologist, has been with IONS since 2001, previously serving as its Executive Director of Research.

Praise for the Book

“In Mindful Motherhood, you'll experience the wisdom of a mother, clinician, and researcher who outlines the accessible, practical steps to take to turn challenge into triumph during pregnancy and the parenting of young children. Read this book, give it as a baby shower present, carry it with you into the pediatrician's office—but most of all, take it in and savor its secrets for a richer life for yourself and your child.”

Daniel J. Siegel, MD author of Parenting from the Inside Out and The Mindful Brain

“Mindful Motherhood contains what so many other parenting books omit: the consoling information that each mother has the ability to know, deep within, how to care for her child. Mindful Motherhood is a gem.”

Christiane Northrup, MD, author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

“Wise, soothing, and helpful—this is really good stuff for new mothers.”

Jack Kornfield, author of The Wise Heart