We create our world by first imagining what is possible

It is through inner experience—our dreams, our intuitions, our creative musings—that life-impacting transformation, innovation, and well-being are birthed.

Think of a “moonshot”—an ambitious effort to achieve the seemingly impossible. Moonshots are audacious. They are bold. Moonshots help us build a bridge to an inspiring, creative future.

We invite you to get clear about YOUR moonshot

What is waiting to come forth in your life? What boundary-pushing activities will you engage with in order to reach for a new reality—for yourself, your community, or the world? 

This Possibility Accelerator Experience will guide you in exploring and energizing that moonshot in a supportive online community, using experiential practices designed to ignite possibilities waiting to be birthed. 

Inspired by Science, Transformed by Experience

This Possibility Accelerator Experience is designed to deepen the connections to the common ground of reality, and to spark inspiration that will lead us each to our individual moonshots. The practices emerge from our scientific learning, and are then transformed into opportunities for direct experience. 

Whether your moonshot is a personal goal, a desire for your family or community, or a vision for the world-at-large, we invite you to tune into the interconnected “inner space” of reality to accelerate the possibilities and create our future.

Join from Anywhere in the World

Attend the online workshop sessions anywhere in the world—here’s how:

  • We’ll be using Zoom video conferencing for all sessions
  • Use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to access the Zoom session online
  • You’ll need internet access with broadband wired or 3G or 4G/LTE wireless
  • Make sure to enable the microphone, speaker, and video camera on your device

Your Facilitators

Kerstin Sjoquist, MA

Kerstin is the Director of Experience at IONS, overseeing educational programming. Prior to joining IONS, Kerstin was the founder and CEO of Consciousness Arts, Inc., specializing in psycho-spiritual products, classes, and services to assist people in expanding and enhancing their lives. She is also the creator of Bliss Trips, a line of guided meditation journeys that explore the inner realms as an avenue for personal growth and spiritual development. Kerstin holds a masters degree in East-West Psychology with a focus in transpersonal psychology from the California Institute for Integral Studies (CIIS).

Nina Fry, MA

Nina is a Program Development Specialist and Science Liaison at IONS and has been a Professor and Affiliate Faculty in the Holistic Health Education Masters Program at JFK University for the last 10 years. Nina has created curricula and taught classes on the psychology and physiology of stress, the challenges of change/transformation, energy models of healing, wellness coaching and mind-body approaches to self-care. Nina has a Master's Degree in Holistic Health Education and was trained in the Mind-Body Medicine Professional Training program from the Center for Mind-Body Medicine.

Help to further our collective understanding of transformation

Participate in the IONS Discovery Lab!

As a registrant for this workshop you will have the unique opportunity to participate in the IONS Discovery Lab, the largest study ever conducted on how transformative practices and experiences influence transformation, well-being, and extended human capacities.

We will provide more information on how you can participate in this pioneering research when registration opens.