You are passionate about making a change in this world. You strive to inform, to educate, to inspire.

And yet, at times your carefully crafted message falls flat. Why?

Too often we, as changemakers, trip over our message—unintentionally employing counterproductive methods that cause our audience to resist, rather than welcome, new perspectives.

Powerful findings from the science of how people change—and why they don’t—have not yet made it to the front lines of therapists, activists, policymakers, and others fighting the good fight. Until now…

Consciousness, Communication & Change (C3)

Become a more skillful, engaging, and effective communicator

In this groundbreaking, experiential online workshop, you will explore how the latest research findings in social, cognitive and brain science, along with worldview and behavior change research, intersect with timeless wisdom from the world’s spiritual traditions to reveal the dynamic forces driving human thought and behavior.

Translated into practical tools and techniques that you can apply immediately, this cutting-edge research opens a window into what works, what doesn't, and how to craft clear, concise and compelling messages that enroll your audience in a powerful new vision of the future.

Through a seamless interplay of instruction and guided exercises, you will learn to:

  • Better understand people's non-conscious motivations or biases
  • Deliver facts or evidence more skillfully and effectively
  • Steer clear of ineffective strategies, such as over-informing or motivating through fear
  • Sharpen and strengthening  your own unique voice
  • Root your vision in shared values
  • Enhance people's sense of membership and community, and
  • Ground your strategies in science

If your job or life's purpose is to create a thriving and equitable human presence on this planet, this workshop is for you!

IONS president, senior scientist, and course developer Cassandra Vieten, PhD

Course developer Dr. Cassandra Vieten is a psychologist, mind-body medicine researcher, author, internationally recognized workshop leader and public speaker. She has served IONS as a scientist, research director, former CEO, and now President for 18 years. She is also Associate Faculty at the California Institute of Integral Studies and a Visiting Scholar at UC San Diego.

Online Workshop Format

6 Live Interactive "Master Class" Sessions + Weekly Video Lectures + 24/7 Access to the Discussion Forum

This online workshop is presented in 6 modules.

Each module begins on Tuesday with the release of 30-45 minutes of Video Lectures, which will provide you with a solid foundation of the  concepts we'll be covering that week. You'll have the remainder of the week to review the videos, explore the concepts in relation to your own passions and projects, and to check into the online Discussion Forum with comments and questions.

Each module concludes on Monday with the Live Interactive Session, a "master class" with IONS president, senior scientist, and course developer Cassandra Vieten, PhD. These special sessions are an opportunity for a deeper look at what research reveals about effective communication for change, and will provide additional context to the session topic. Dr. Vieten will respond to your comments and questions, as well as expand on the themes covered in the video lectures. The Live Interactive Sessions will also include immersive practice for you to explore the techniques, hone your skillset, and integrate these new tools into your personal communication process.

Online Workshop Schedule

Tuesday, February 19 - Monday, April 1, 2019

Module Video Lectures Released Live Interactive Session
1 Tuesday, February 19 Monday, February 25
11 am PST, Video Lecture Replay*
11:30 am - 1 pm PST, Interactive Session
2 Tuesday, February 26 Monday, March 4
11 am PST, Video Lecture Replay*
11:30 am - 1 pm PST, Interactive Session
3 Tuesday, March 5 Monday, March 11
11 am PDT, Video Lecture Replay* **
11:30 am - 1 pm PDT, Interactive Session
4 Tuesday, March 12 Monday, March  18
11 am PDT, Video Lecture Replay*
11:30 am - 1 pm PDT, Interactive Session
5 Tuesday, March 19 Monday, March 25
10:45 am PDT, Video Lecture Replay* ** ***
11:30 am - 1 pm PDT, Interactive Session
6 Tuesday, March 26 Monday, April 1
10:45 am PDT, Video Lecture Replay* ** ***
11:30 am - 1pm PDT, Interactive Session
* The Video Lecture Replay is optional; if you have already watched the video lectures for that week, you may skip this section and join us at the start of the Interactive Session
** Note the change from Pacific Standard Time (PST) to Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).
*** Due to the length of the videos for modules 5 and 6, our Video Lecture Replay will start 15 minutes early.

Make your communication more compelling, engaging, and effective!

People are Talking

The impact of C3 on workshop attendees, in their own words...

“In a word, it was simply “AWESOME!” I know all in attendance captured new Aaaah-Hah moments, profound insights, and a model for Change to share for a better World.”

JL, Nonprofit Organization Management

“This workshop is for anyone looking to experience a change in themselves or for communicating the passion for change in their area of interest. Great Course. ”

IN, Outreach Director

“C3 has taught me that my effectiveness in leading change has everything to do with how I engage the world (and myself) in my cause. When I'm fully aware of my connectedness to others and focus my attention on their worldview that's when transformation can occur.”

JM, Social Enterprise Entrepreneur

“C3 gave made gave me a psychological foundation and tools to be an effective change maker.”

JF, Artist

“I would highly recommend this workshop to all who seek to improve the quality of our world. Cassi's calm, thoughtful and articulate delivery along with her genuine presence personifies the type of leader she is teaching us to be. Well done.”

JD, Coach and Entrepreneur

“I would recommend people attend because of rich yet easy to grasp content as well as the ability to create a sense of community even though we met via the internet coming from different time zones, cultures and languages.”

AH, Business Consultant

Technical Requirements

The Consciousness, Communication, and Change (C3) is an online course. Participants must have broadband internet access to watch the videos, access the course website, and participate in interactive sessions.

We use Zoom meetings technology for this online workshop. You will need:

  1. Internet access via a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  2. A microphone and speaker -- if your device does not have a mic/speaker, you can call into the meeting via a standard phone line.
  3. A web camera is not required, but if you have one we suggest using it for the workshop -- the interactive exercises work more smoothly if participants can see each other!

Please see this article if you would like to test Zoom prior to joining the workshop.

Further our collective understanding of transformation!

As a participant in the C3 training program you will have the unique opportunity to participate in the IONS Discovery Lab, the largest study ever conducted on how transformative practices and experiences influence well-being, creativity, intuition, and extraordinary human capacities.

This pioneering study, consisting of online surveys taken prior to and following completion of your workshop, offers you a chance to help answer some of the most important research questions on the frontiers of consciousness.

Participation in this research is voluntary, and not required as part of online workshop enrollment. Individual results will not be released — your participation will help accelerate humanity's potential for transformation. Thank you for your support!

Are You Ready to Advocate for a Better World?